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goalie slide

1minute Challenge – Day1 – Slide faster

Improve your slide at home and slide faster Many ball hockey goalies struggle with butterfly and butterfly slide. This happens because going down to butterfly is not natural movement for adults. The common mistake is to land on the front face of the pad or slide with the pads tucked behind you. Goalies sometimes jump […]

ball hockey goalie training

Ball hockey goalie – Quick tip #1 – How to get back to the post quicker

Many ball hockey goalies use technique from ice hockey, but sometimes it might slow them down. If you work on ball hockey foot movement, you will become quicker and more efficient in the net. Ball hockey goalies have to remember that they have to train “movement memory”, which means to repeat the same pattern at […]

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ball hockey goalie sliding

How to slide faster

How to slide faster Even Reasoners with ReasonY pads and ReasonY goalie shoes can improve slides by at least 30%. The secret is in the push technique. You can have strong legs, but with weak technique you will slip instead of slide. The secret is in the body weight Many goalies fall into the slide […]

ball hockey goalie

How to fool hockey scouts and coaches?

Many hockey scouts and coaches are looking mainly for a size when choosing a hockey goalie. Some goalies flex in the hips and bend over their goalie pads, which results in a small appearance in the net. Goalies believe that this type of stance will give them stronger push to slide or that they will […]

ball hockey goalie

Post position and ball hockey goalie techniques.

There are many debates which ball hockey goalie technique is the right one for the post position. The answer is all of them. Why all of them? There are many ball hockey game situations that will force you to get to your post, so reading and anticipating the next move is crucial. Few possible variables: […]

ball hockey goalie

How to choose a goalie coach PART 2

Read HOW TO CHOOSE A GOALIE COACH PART 1 before continue. Time Spending time watching the games or analyzing videos with a goalie is very essential for young developing goalies that are becoming serious. If your goalie coach cannot come to your games, he should at least watch some videos of your performance. Every goalie […]

ball hockey goalie

How to choose a goalie coach PART 1

Finding a good goalie coach is like finding a good life mentor. Goalie coach technician Watch for technicians. I used to be one of them, when I was young. Goalie coach technician is in early stage of coaching and he cannot see the big picture. He is always focused only on the “right” technique and […]

ball hockey goalie

What NHL goalies do and you don’t?

Every NHL team has a massage therapist, yet at present there is little or no evidence that massage is beneficial for athletes performance. There also isn’t any major agreement amongst researchers over the type of massage to be employed or the length of time needed to show some results. Despite all of this, NHL teams […]

ball hockey goalie

Every ball hockey goalie should know this

The most important part of equipment of the new generation ball hockey goalies are shoes. Good shoes can improve your mobility and improper shoes is like having dull skates on the ice. Ankle mobility is the secret to better mobility not only on the ice, but also on the floor. Inexperienced ball hockey goalies do […]

ball hockey goalie

Ball hockey goalies are evolving their technique

The new trend for ball hockey goalies are mobility and narrow pads. We seen this trend 10 years ago in ice hockey NHL reduced the width of the pads from 12″ to 11″ and there was a huge uproar about the new rule amongst all the NHL goalies. Nevertheless during the summer all the […]