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ball hockey goalie

Post position and ball hockey goalie techniques.

There are many debates which ball hockey goalie technique is the right one for the post position.
The answer is all of them.

Why all of them?

There are many ball hockey game situations that will force you to get to your post, so reading and anticipating the next move is crucial.

Few possible variables:
Is the player with the ball in the corner or behind the net?
Is there a player waiting for a pass close to the top of the crease or at the top of the circles?
Is he running or stationary?
Is it a net drive from a side or a wrap around?

Post position also depends on goalie’s flexibility, mobility, height, goalie pads, chest protector, etc.

How to improve your post position?

Learn all the possible ball hockey post position techniques. Make sure you can perform them with control and speed on a proper ball hockey surface, as trying it on the ice is way different feeling.
Test various techniques in different ball hockey game like scenarios, videotape and analyze.

Some techniques don’t work with some scenarios, so don’t waste your time testing it.


Player is with the ball in the corner behind the goal line. There is nobody in front of the net and the nearest passing option is a player on the top of the circle.
In this situation knee up (VH) or paddle down would be wasting of your time cause the shot will come from far out.

More comfortable you get with the moves, more time you will have for reading the game.