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ReasonY 5.0 goalie shoes PRE-ORDER
We apologize for any inconvenience, but the production in Europe has a delay and we expect it will be finished in the second week of February instead of at the end of January. Due to the unexpected delay, you will be getting extra replacement sliders for your shoes. You will get tracking number once the shoes are shipped to you. 

Goalie pads – sizing

Goalie pads - sizing

ball hockey shin sizing
H (cm/inches)Size
42.5cm / 17″34
45cm / 18″35
47.5cm / 19″36
50cm / 20″37
52.5cm / 21″38
ball hockey goalie pads
T (cm/inches) Size
21.5cm / 8.5″ +1
24cm / 9.5″ +2
26.5cm / 10.5″ +3
Please measure your old thighrise and choose the length on your new pads according to your needs. NOTE: The optimal size of a thigh rise depends on the width and flexibility of your hips; it does not depend on the length of your femur (thigh bone). A thigh rise that is not in proportion with the width of your hips can hinder mobility and increase the possibility of injury.