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Ball hockey shinguards sizing

Ball hockey shin guard sizing guide

How to measure your leg

Put on your ball hockey shoes and stand up. You will need measuring tape or a long ruler. Start to measure from the bottom of your shin, where you want the ball hockey shin pads protect your leg.  Some players prefer to have the ball hockey shoe tongue inside the shin guards and some outside. Please make sure you account for your personal preference, where you prefer the shin protection starting point. Measure all the way to the middle of your knee (patella). 

ReasonY uses functional sizing, which means that the protection will start at the point you started to measure.

X measured in cm X measured in inches SIZE
38cm - 40,5cm
S - Small
40,5cm - 43cm
M - Medium
43cm - 45,5cm
L - Large
ball hockey shin guard sizing
ball hockey shin guards measurement