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ball hockey goalie sliding

How to slide faster

How to slide faster

Even Reasoners with ReasonY pads and ReasonY goalie shoes can improve slides by at least 30%. The secret is in the push technique. You can have strong legs, but with weak technique you will slip instead of slide.

The secret is in the body weight

Many goalies fall into the slide and not push, they try to stretch the leading pad close to the shot and shift the body weight before the push. Yes, falling technique works for short slides, but not for slides across the crease.
The right sequence should be as follows:

– head and shoulder pivot
– arm and leg pivot
– while your leg is pivoting your knee is coming down to the floor and stays close to the pushing leg
– just before the leading knee hits the floor, you must push
– the body weight must be on the pushing leg and transfers during the push

The whole sequence is in one motion

At the beginning your slides will be short, but once your legs get stronger you will fly.