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ball hockey goalie

Every ball hockey goalie should know this

The most important part of equipment of the new generation ball hockey goalies are shoes. Good shoes can improve your mobility and improper shoes is like having dull skates on the ice. Ankle mobility is the secret to better mobility not only on the ice, but also on the floor. Inexperienced ball hockey goalies do 2 mistakes, they buy high ankle boots and make them tight.

Try to compare rock climber and hiker. Who needs better ankle mobility? Can you imagine rock climber using high ankle hiking boots for rock climbing? His mobility will definitely suffer.

The most common argument is that higher ankle shoe or boot protects your ankle, which is true, but there are better options to do it. Get low ankle shoes and separate ankle guards. This way you get the mobility and ankle protection at the same time. As I mentioned in Ball hockey goalies are evolving their technique article, goalies are evolving and without better ankle mobility, you will miss the train