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ball hockey goalie

Ball hockey goalies are evolving their technique

The new trend for ball hockey goalies are mobility and narrow pads. We seen this trend 10 years ago in ice hockey NHL reduced the width of the pads from 12″ to 11″ and there was a huge uproar about the new rule amongst all the NHL goalies. Nevertheless during the summer all the goalies started to train hard to get use to their new goalie pads. After few weeks they realized their mobility improved and new techniques were added to their goalie library. Older generation goalies had two options, retire or adapt. Younger goalies with new techniques were taking over. Some veterans did not survive this period as they tried to change their style instead of adding only new techniques. Every experienced goalie coach knows that changing style can end goalies carrier very quick. There were many examples during this period.

We are experiencing the same thing in ball hockey / street hockey. Many goalies rely on their 12 inch pads and flopping around. Flopping around is not wrong, if you do it systematically and you can read the game like Hasek. This technique is called Give and Take. Lately many goalies started to add slider plates on their pads, but their technical library is still not updated.  The future of ball hockey goaltending is in mobility and advanced techniques that involves sliding.

If you want to keep up with the trend try the following:

  1. switch to 11 inch ball hockey goalie pads instead of old 12 inch ice hockey pads
  2. change your style by small steps, but keep your strengths
  3. attend goalie camps or hire a goalie coach
  4. learn new techniques and use them