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ball hockey goalie

How to fool hockey scouts and coaches?

Many hockey scouts and coaches are looking mainly for a size when choosing a hockey goalie. Some goalies flex in the hips and bend over their goalie pads, which results in a small appearance in the net. Goalies believe that this type of stance will give them stronger push to slide or that they will […]

ball hockey goalie

Ball hockey goalies are evolving their technique

The new trend for ball hockey goalies are mobility and narrow pads. We seen this trend 10 years ago in ice hockey NHL reduced the width of the pads from 12″ to 11″ and there was a huge uproar about the new rule amongst all the NHL goalies. Nevertheless during the summer all the […]

ball hockey goalie

Yan Leclerc – make sure we evolve with the game

How many years do you play as a goalie and do you remember your first time in the net? Growing up, I played ice hockey as a left winger, but I was always interested in the goalie position. One day I asked my coach, if I could suit up for a practice (I think I […]

ball hockey goalie

Goalie – defense communication

Communication between goalie and defense is very important during a game. Goalie should have a good peripheral vision and should be able to coordinate the  teammates during the play in the defensive zone. Goalies and defense men should have simple communication “cues” that can be clearly understood during the game. It is a good habit […]