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ball hockey goalie

Yan Leclerc – make sure we evolve with the game

How many years do you play as a goalie and do you remember your first time in the net?

Growing up, I played ice hockey as a left winger, but I was always interested in the goalie position. One day I asked my coach, if I could suit up for a practice (I think I was about 10 years old!) and the coach said yes. I was very excited. I dressed up, jumped on the ice and played in the net the whole practice and as expected, loved it. So the next year I strapped on the pads for the full year and then following year I went back to playing out for reasons still unknown to me to this day! When I moved to Bermuda, it was a no-brainer and I signed up in a local league as a goalie and played in the net since then!

Goalies are suppose to be “crazy”, different or weird. What is your “crazy” characteristic in the net?

You have to be a little crazy to play this position! My crazy characteristic is probably part of my pre-game routine when I slowly build up my focus to get into a zone.  When I dress up, it is always from right to left, not the other way around! Right shoe and left shoe, right pad and left pad and so on. When I step in the rink I go straight to my net, hit the cross bar in the middle, then right and left posts. Every game has to start like this! My pre-game routine is very specific and helps me get mentally ready for the game.

The most favorite save movement?

Glove save, while sliding across the crease!

What was your highlight of your career and why?

Recently, it is obviously wining the B pool of Ball Hockey World Championship in Newfoundland.

Tip for other goalies.

Train hard and seek advice. The position is evolving a lot and there are always new techniques and new approaches. As goalies, we have to stay on top of these developments to make sure we evolve with the game, so be proactive on adapting your technique and try new things.