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How to choose a goalie coach PART 2

Read HOW TO CHOOSE A GOALIE COACH PART 1 before continue.

  • Time
    Spending time watching the games or analyzing videos with a goalie is very essential for young developing goalies that are becoming serious. If your goalie coach cannot come to your games, he should at least watch some videos of your performance. Every goalie has different needs so one type of training fits all doesn’t work in a long run.
  • High five coach
    If your coach tells you all the time how awesome you are and does not show you your mistakes, he either does not take you seriously or he does not have the knowledge. It is good to give positive feedback especially for young goalies, but giving high five all the time does not prepare the goalie for the real world of goaltending.
  • Big name no time
    Find a goalie coach that cares. Well known coaches might not be the best fit for you. Most of them are busy running goalie schools or camps and they are spending rest of the time with pro level goalies. They show up at the camp, but how much attention can you get from a coach when there are 30 more goalies on the ice? In my career as a goalie coach, I met many goalie coaches that coached at pro level. They did not organize camps or did not own a goalie school. They had only few students, but they cared about their development. These types of coaches are rare, but they are out there, so go find them.