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How to choose a goalie coach PART 1

Finding a good goalie coach is like finding a good life mentor.

  • Goalie coach technician
    Watch for technicians. I used to be one of them, when I was young. Goalie coach technician is in early stage of coaching and he cannot see the big picture. He is always focused only on the “right” technique and doesn’t consider style, equipment or body type into the whole training process.
  • Watch for an EGO
    Let’s be honest every goalie has a big ego and goalie coaches are no exception. Goalie coach should be humble and should be able to listen to opinion of others. Coach with healthy confidence is not worried to share his ideas and methods with other coaches.  When he sees that he cannot contribute anymore to the goalie’s development, he suggests him another goalie coach, who might advance his career further.
  • Specific
    Goalie coach should be specific. More specific  coach you have, better results you can get. For example ball hockey goalie needs ball hockey goalie coach. Goalie coach that teaches NHL goalies might not be the best coach for kids. If you play in specific league, choose a goalie coach that understands the style of a play in that league. Sometimes it is hard to get specific goalie coach, but try to get one.