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ball hockey goalie slide

1minute Challenge – Day2 – Quick butterfly slide

How to butterfly slide faster Most ball hockey goalies use ball hockey goalie pads with plastic sliders, but they struggle to go down to proper butterfly or slide across the goalie crease. If you use proper ball hockey goalie pads and ball hockey goalie shoes, you should be able to slide quick and have a good push. Ball […]

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ball hockey goalie pads

Ball hockey goalie pads guide

How to choose ball hockey goalie pads? You have these three options ice hockey goalie pads, ball hockey or street hockey goalie pads. If you choose ice hockey goalie pads , you will have to consider buying slider kit and search for slider kit installer in your region. Adding sliders on your ice hockey pads […]

goalie slide

1minute Challenge – Day1 – Slide faster

Improve your slide at home and slide faster Many ball hockey goalies struggle with butterfly and butterfly slide. This happens because going down to butterfly is not natural movement for adults. The common mistake is to land on the front face of the pad or slide with the pads tucked behind you. Goalies sometimes jump […]

goalie slides

Ball hockey goalie – Quick tip #4 – Speed up your slides

Ball hockey goalies use goalie pads with sliders, but they are not getting the full benefit from the sliders. The common mistake is incorrect rotation and foot placement just before the slide. Make sure you rotate your head, shoulders and get the bottom rotation by placing the pushing leg more in front.  Place your foot […]

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goalie butterlfy slide out

Ball hockey goalie – Quick tip #3 – Get more coverage in the butterfly

When the goalie ends up in the butterfly position deep in the goalie crease and the ball is in tight, he/she should stay calm and slide out in the butterfly position. If the goalie decides to get up, he/she is creating more openings for the the shooter and the ball. Learn how to slide out […]

ball hockey goalie training glove position

Ball hockey goalie – Quick tip #2 – Put your glove in the right position

Many ball hockey goalies project the glove towards the ball, even if it is in the corner. Nobody can score from the corner unless they pass the ball in front of the net and the pass won’t be high in the air as it will be hard for the receiving player to shoot. Ball hockey […]

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ball hockey goalie training

Ball hockey goalie – Quick tip #1 – How to get back to the post quicker

Many ball hockey goalies use technique from ice hockey, but sometimes it might slow them down. If you work on ball hockey foot movement, you will become quicker and more efficient in the net. Ball hockey goalies have to remember that they have to train “movement memory”, which means to repeat the same pattern at […]

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ball hockey player stick handling

Ball hockey player – Quick tip #2 – Penalty shot stickhandling

Quick tip #2 – Penalty shot stickhandling When you are taking penalty shot make sure you stickhandle on the side, so you can surprise the goalie with the shot. Most of the ball hockey goalies are not moving efficiently and you can always take a quick shot while they are taking a step back. [divider_padding]

ball hockey goalie exercise

Ball hockey goalie – Exercise 4 – Sliding exercise in the goalie crease

Exercise 4 – Sliding exercise in the goalie crease Another training video for ball hockey / dek hockey goalies. Sliding is very important aspect for ball hockey goalies, therefore we are working on sliding from top down and from butterfly position.

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