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ball hockey goalie

Mytia Moisseron doesn’t feel pressure

How many years do you play as a goalie and do you remember your first time in the net?

I started to play hockey when I was 11 and I will always remember my first time. It was a roller hockey game. I was interested to play as a goalie, because goalies play the whole game and don’t have shifts.

Goalies are suppose to be “crazy”, different or weird. What is your “crazy” characteristic in the net?

I think that the thing that make me different is that I don’t feel the pressure during games. I also do not feel any stress when I play and I think that’s why I’m weird as a goalie. My teammates are always surprised, how calm I am in the net.

The most favorite save movement?

I made my craziest save in a 5 on 5 final game. First I blocked a hard shot with my right pad and gave a big juicy rebound on the stick of an opponent. He had an open net, but I dived toward the post and blocked the rebound in the air with my stick.

What was your highlight of your career and why?

My biggest highlight until today is our championship at the 2014 Burrows Cup in the ‘’A’’ division. This is the biggest 4 on 4 ball hockey event in Canada. 250 teams fighting for only one cup ! Some NHL players, as Radko Gudas of the Philadelphia Flyers, were playing against us in the tournament. We were by far the underdogs in that competition, but we advanced through the quarter finals and the semi finals in shootouts. It will last for ever in my memory. I’m very passionate about ball hockey.

Tip for other goalies.

I would tell to every goalie to have fun and to believe in themselves.

Whats next for you in the ball hockey world?
I recently learned that I’ve been selected to be the starting goalie of Team Canada in the 2015 WBHF 4 on 4 World Cup in ball hockey. It will be a special feeling to wear my ReasonY equipment in Slovakia where it all started for ReasonY.