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Ball hockey shinguards

How to choose ball / dek hockey player shin guards?

There are many options on the ball hockey market, but these are the things that you should be looking for when purchasing ball hockey player shin pads

1. Do not buy ice hockey player shin pads
Ball hockey and ice hockey are very different sports from a movement point. While in ice hockey you skate or glide, at ball hockey you run. Ice hockey is played at cold environment, but ball hockey can be played during hot, cold or rainy weather. Ice hockey shin guards have more protection and therefore they are heavier and not ideal for running. Most ice hockey shin guards have insufficient strapping, no ventilation and they are bulky and for running.

2. Strapping
Strapping is really important when buying for ball / dek hockey player shin pads. Look for high quality elastic bands that are replaceable and adjustable. 3 straps per leg is the bare minimum, what you will need and for bigger sizes you should have 3 straps for shin and 1 strap for the knee. Knee strapping is a must.

3. Ventilation
Ventilation is an important aspect for ball / dek hockey player shin pads. Your calf and shin muscles need to be cooled in the hot weather as running puts very big stress on them.

4. Weight
Ball hockey player shin pads should be light, but at the same time provide sufficient protection against orange ball. Soccer shin guards are very light, but you are risking injury every game. Ball / dek hockey player shin pads should weight in a range from 300 to 450 grams per piece.

5. Knee
There are 3 options for the knee protection for ball / dek hockey shin pads.
No knee shell is one of the options, but it is not recommended for safety reasons.
Foam protection can only be sufficient for certain level of ball hockey and for hardwood floor, but it is not recommended for an asphalt and perforated plastic tile surface, due to inability to slide.
Hard knee shell is ideal, but it needs to be from flexible materials so it does not crack and cannot be bulky. Adjustable knee height is always a big plus.

6. No sweat absorption
This is a great option especially during tournaments, but it is not a must.

7. Durability
Strapping should last you minimum of 1 year and the plastic shell should last at least 4 seasons. Ideal is if you can replace the inner lining as it might have bad odour over time and loose the cushioning properties.