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why ball hockey goalie shoes cost this much

Why ball hockey goalie shoes cost this much

Many goalies ask, why ReasonY ball hockey goalie shoes cost more than regular running shoes, steel toe boots or floorball shoes. The ReasonY shoes are made in Europe and not in Asia. We are using polyurethane sole as it is more durable and it also absorbs the impact better. Foam in the cheaper running shoes stops absorbing impacts in a very short period of time, but polyurethane absorbs the impact even after 2 years. The uppers are made from leather so it gives you more stability during side movements. We are using 4 mm PE 1000 plastic for the toe cap and for the heel slider so they last longer on dek surface and asphalt. Because steel toe boots have fabric on the top, which creates drag during slides. Floorball goalie shoes use cordura, which slide well on the hard wood floor, but it does not last on the dek tiles or asphalt and it does not give you toe protection. Because we use higher quality and more durable materials, the shoes are not the lightest one out there. One shoe weights 500grams/1.1 pound and we traded the weight for durability. Most Reasoners use these shoes for 2 years and some for 5 years. We made opening in the mid sole for the goalie pads boot strap and there is also goalie pads toe strap attachment system that comes with the shoes. Both straps improves your mobility and helps you to control the pads better. Because the shoes have leather uppers, they give you tight fit at the beginning, but after couple weeks the shoes will adjust to your feet. If you are looking for cheap goalie shoes, ReasonY shoes are not the right choice for you, but if you are looking for durable, high performance goalie shoes, ReasonY ball hockey goalie shoes are the right choice for you.