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ball hockey goalie training

Scott Steele – crazy ball hockey goalie on a scooter

How many years do you play as a goalie and do you remember your first time in the net?

I have played now for five years, I only started to play goal as our league needed another goalie and no one else was stepping up, I wasn’t too sure of the position, but once I stepped between the pipes, I  fell in love with it.

Goalies are suppose to be “crazy”, different or weird. What is your “crazy” characteristic in the net?

I have been driving to the rink with all my ball hockey gear on my 100cc scooter, sticks and all, for the past 3 years.

The most favorite save movement?

Nothing beats the feeling of a high glove save.

What was your highlight of your career and why?

One of my highlights so far was starting and winning my first ISBHF ball hockey game during the 2014 Caribbean Cup, but training with the Bermuda National ball hockey team for the last 8 months for the World Championships in Zug, Switzerland has been an amazing adventure.

Tip for other goalies.

Play with confidence, even if you have to fake it, no one will know but you.