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Future of ball hockey goalie pads

Goalie pads evolution is always slowed down by goalies, due to their conservative approach. Remember when you got your new pads or chest protector. It took you couple weeks to get use to it, during this time you wanted to go back to your old goalie gear at least couple of times. This feeling always create hesitation towards new gear and many revolutionary ideas never picked up as they were adopted only by small number of goalies.

Air and sliding ability is the future of ball hockey goalie pads.

Goalie pad sliders are nothing new, but every year new materials are coming and sliding effect is improving. Also shape of home made sliders and professional sliders is constantly altered to reach the maximum performance. The future of the sliders is in the attachment. Currently home made sliders have  limited use due to construction of ice hockey pads and the attachment options such as lacing, glues, velcro. Also home made sliding plates are usually from cheaper plastic as specific higher grade thermoplastic is not carried by local shops.
The professional sliders are made from higher end thermoplastic and are well manufactured, but they are also limited by the attachment system. The future sliders will be made out of hybrid materials and will have attachment system that will allow ball hockey goalies to customize setting of the sliders according to their needs. They will be easy to set up and replace.
The future ball hockey pads will be using air chambers to create the shape and to adjust flexibility of the S curve. The seams won’t be stitched, but welded and the ball hockey goalie pads will become lighter and more functional.

All of this will happen in near future so get ready and start to work on your mobility and technique so you can use the future ball hockey pads to their full potential.