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ball hockey goalie equipment

5 important tips when buying ball hockey goalie pads

  1. Closed leg channel is preferred for ball hockey pads, as it is easier to transfer your movement into slides. When you slide on the floor the friction is greater than sliding on the ice and therefore you have to be able to transfer greater force through your pads. In open leg channel your leg moves more freely , and your pads will get stucked at the same spot due to higher friction. Remember closed leg channel can improve your slides.
  2. Shorter boot is better for ball hockey pads as you are not dragging your pads on the floor and therefore you have better mobility. Ice hockey goalie pads have longer boot part to cover the skate as skates are always bigger than regular shoes.
  3. Flat boot channel can give you extra mobility as the pad sits on top of a shoe and does not drag on the floor.
  4. 11 inch ball hockey pads can improve your technique and mobility. You can read more information about this in this article Ball hockey goalies are evolving their technique.
  5. Sliders can transform your mobility and technique from average to outstanding. Choose sliders from high molecular density thermoplastic and make sure that they have beveled edges to prevent getting stuck on tiles. If you cannot get ball hockey pads with sliders, after market sliders or you cannot make sliders set by yourself, try to choose goalie pads from Cordura material. Cordura slides better on tiles compare to synthetic leather.