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Ball hockey shinguards

The best ball hockey shin guards in 2021

Ball hockey shin guards in 2021

Each year, we at ReasonY hockey work hard on a new player ball hockey shin guards development, but we understand that every player is unique and therefore we made a list of ball/dek hockey shinguards that have solid performance and you should consider them while shopping for your new ball hockey equipment in 2021. You can also check this article how to choose the ball hockey shinguards.

1. Knapper AK7 shin guards

Knapper developed a brand new concept of shin guards, with an innovative strapless system. You are putting your shin and knee in sleeve from a mash fabric that holds the shin guard on your leg. You are also able to use 2 optional straps that are included. The shin guards are lightweight and gives your liberty of movement. You can get stylish AK7 in black colour.

2. Hagan H-5 shin guards

Hagan H-5 has a slim form fitting design and the knee can be removed. These shin pads are adjustable in size and the knee can be easily adjusted up or down for a good fit. The plastic has airflow openings. All straps are replaceable and can be shortened according to your needs. H-5 are also lightweight and have a slim fit.

3. D-Gel Deluxe shin guards

The D-Gel Deluxe shin pads offer shin and knee protection with a soft cloth covered design. A spandex/elastic knee sleeve holds the padding around your knee just like volleyball knee guards and it includes high density foam tabs inside the pad. The Delux model is very light and it also includes strap that goes around your foot to help keep the shin guard in place. This model is very popular with ice hockey referees or coaches.

4. Bauer Performance shin guards

This shin guard features a full wraparound tapered structure. The shin guard offers a wide strapping system with a hook and loop closure. Bauer is using slim fit and lightweight construction. It has thermoformed knee and breathable mesh liner. Bauer also offers PRO model that has shin and knee plastic covered with a fabric just like D-Gel Delux.

5. ReasonY Gladiator 3.0 PRO

These ball hockey shin guards are using modular construction, which means that you can replace every single part including adjustable straps. ReasonY shin guard gives you option of slim or wide fit. Because the shin guards are built for more aggressive style that requires sliding and blocking the shots, they use 4 straps for each leg and flat knee are for better balance. The weight is only 400 grams per shin pad and it still gives you extra knee and calf protection from a side. They are not using fabric liner so they don’t absorb water. The plastic and the replaceable foam liners has air flow openings so the cool air goes all the way to your skin.

So there are the 5 companies to consider if you are shopping for a new ball hockey shinguards in 2021.